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Major General Kenneth Wilsbach


Major General Kenneth S. Wilsbach is the Commander, 9th Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force- Afghanistan; Deputy Commander-Air, U.S. Forces- Afghanistan; and Deputy Chief of Staff-Air, International Security Assistance Force Joint Command.

He oversees three air expeditionary air wings and three expeditionary groups consisting of more than 4,500 Airmen directly engaged in combat operations; and he advises and assists with joint expeditionary tasked/individual augmentee taskings in the Afghanistan combined joint operating area. Additionally, the general serves as the Central Command Combined Forces Air Component Commander's personal representative to the Commander of Headquarters ISAF as well as the Deputy Commander-Air to the Commander U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, ensuring the optimal integration of air and space power in support of Headquarters ISAF and Operation Enduring Freedom missions.

General Wilsbach was commissioned in 1985 as a distinguished graduate of the University of Florida's ROTC program. He earned his pilot wings in 1986 as a distinguished graduate from Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas. The general has commanded a fighter squadron, an operations group and two wings. General Wilsbach is a command pilot with more than 3,800 hours in multiple aircraft, primarily in the F-15C, and he flew 31 combat missions in operations Northern Watch and Southern Watch.