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Major General Markus Kneip


Commander, ISAF Regional Command - North

Born in 1956 and educated at Eichendorff High School in Koblenz / Germany, Major General Markus Kneip was commissioned into the German Army in 1975.

Between 1976 and 1979, he served in various battalion-level assignments in Koblenz and in Weiden prior to studying management and economics at Hamburg University.

After his graduation in 1983, he held several command assignments at the battalion level for five years, including the command of an armored artillery battery in Neustadt / Lower Saxony. In 1988, he subsequently underwent the General Staff Officer Training and attended the German Armed Forces Command and General Staff College in Hamburg for two years. From there, he spent two years of staff work as a Major (GS) in the German Ministry of Defense (MOD). In 1992, he attended the British Command and General Staff Officer Training at the UK Staff College in Camberley.

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (GS), he was appointed Chief of Staff of Panzerbrigade (Armored Brigade) 14 in Neustadt / Hesse, before being put in command of Panzerartilleriebataillon (Armored Artillery Battalion) 285 in Münsingen. In this capacity, he was deployed in operations in Bosnia. In 1997, he returned to the German Ministry of Defense (MOD) where he worked as planning staff officer and spokesperson to the Chief of Staff of the Army. In 1999, Major General Kneip became Military Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Army. In 2001, he was promoted to Colonel (GS) and appointed as Chief of the Army Plans Branch in the German Ministry of Defense (MOD).

Upon his promotion to Brigadier General he was appointed Commander of Jägerbrigade (Light Infan-try Brigade) 37 in Frankenberg / Saxony. In this capacity, he was deployed in operations in Afghanis-tan. In 2006, Major General Kneip assumed assignment as Regional Commander North. In this func-tion, he served as regional commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Northern Afg-hanistan. Upon his redeployment, he acted as deputy chief of staff in the German Ministry of Defense (MOD), being responsible for operations, training, doctrine and structures of the German Army.

Upon his promotion to Major General, he assumed command of 1 Panzerdivision in Hannover in 2008. The division was tasked with the lead function for all German land forces operations in 2011.

In his current assignment, Major General Kneip will command Regional Command North in Mazar-e Sharif, Northern Afghanistan for one year, including all multinational forces deployed in the nine prov-inces of Regional Command North. He will also act as senior national commander of all German troops operating in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.