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Afghan, International Force Clears Haqqani Stronghold


ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan

For Immediate Release

KABUL, Afghanistan (June 14) - ISAF has confirmed a Haqqani network commander, Fazil Subhan, known to facilitate foreign fighters, was killed along with multiple insurgents by Afghan and international forces in a two-day offensive in Khost Province last week.

The Haqqani fighters were in fortified fighting positions in an area known for ambush attacks against international troops, southwest of Kowte Kheyl in the Shamul district.

The Afghan-international force also discovered and destroyed a building used to store ammunition, heavy weapons and explosive materials. Despite enemy fire, no coalition forces were killed or injured during the operation.

Haqqani network commanders continually seek to establish strongholds in Khost province to disrupt local governance and facilitate the movement of fighters, explosives and weapons into the country.

They have ties to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and claimed responsibility, along with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan militants, for a deadly suicide attack against intelligence officers in Khost last December.

Afghan and international forces are currently working to eliminate insurgent threats and enable expanded governance and development in the area.

Editor's Note: This operation was initially announced June 11 in IJC News Release #032: IJC Operational Update