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Coalition Forces Conduct Precision Strike Against Senior IMU Member in Takhar Province


ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
For Immediate Release
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 Kabul, Afghanistan (Sept. 2) - Coalition forces conducted a precision air strike targeting an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan senior member assessed to be the deputy shadow governor for Takhar province this morning.

He regularly coordinates and conducts attacks with known IMU and Taliban insurgents, and traveled from Pakistan to Takhar this spring. Intelligence tracked the insurgents traveling in a sedan on a series of remote roads in Rustaq district. After careful planning to ensure no civilians were present, coalition aircraft conducted a precision air strike on one sedan and later followed with direct fire from an aerial platform. The vehicle was traveling as part of a six-car convoy, but no other vehicles were hit in the strike. The security force was unable to immediately dispatch a ground force to assess the results, but initial reflections indicate eight to 12 insurgents were killed or injured in the strike, including a Taliban commander. Multiple passengers of the vehicle were positively identified carrying weapons. 

"We're aware of the allegations that this strike caused civilian causalities and we'll do our best to get to the bottom of the accusations," said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. David Garza, deputy chief of staff for joint operations, Headquarters ISAF Joint Command. "What I can say is these vehicles were nowhere near a populated area and we're confident this strike hit only the targeted vehicle after days of tracking the occupants' activity."