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CORRECTION: ISAF Clarifies Status of Cross-border Weapons Facilitator


ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
For Immediate Release
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KABUL, Afghanistan (Dec. 24, 2010)
– The International Security Assistance Force has determined a cross-border weapons facilitator detained Dec. 18 is not a member of the Iranian Qods force, as was originally reported.

Initial intelligence reports led ISAF to believe he was a member of the force, but after gathering more information, it was determined that while the individual may be affiliated with several insurgent-related organizations, he is not a member of the Qods group.

A joint security team specifically targeted the individual for facilitating the movement of weapons between Iran and Kandahar through Nimroz province. The detained man was considered a Kandahar-based weapons facilitator with direct ties to other Taliban leaders in the province.