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Hospital Electrical Project Improves Patient Treatment

FARAH, Afghanistan (September 05, 2010) Wali Mohammad, Electrical contractor and Builder Chief Sean Walters of Leavenworth, KS, Engineering Chief for Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), discuss the quality of the electrification project at Farah City Hospital in Farah, Afghanistan, Sept. 5, 2010. Engineers assigned to PRT Farah assessed the impact and progress being made on the electrification project at Farah City Hospital. The project will bring illumination to eight facilities, power Air Conditioner/Heater units, and will provide Afghan health professionals an ideal environment to treat patients. (ISAF photo by U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Christine A. Darius)

ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
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KABUL, Afghanistan (Sept. 8) – Engineers assigned to Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah assessed the impact and progress being made on the electrical project at the Farah City Hospital, Sunday.

The project will light eight facilities, power air conditioner/heater units and provide Afghan health professionals a better environment to treat patients.

The power project will have a great impact on the future services the hospital can provide for the people of Farah, according to Sardar Afha, head physician at the Farah City Hospital.

The Farah City Hospital was powered by a small generator that was not able to run consistently. The variation in power caused wires to short out, destroyed equipment and resulted in the loss of electronic records, as well as blood stored in their blood bank. The lack of climate control contributed to infections in patients, and negatively impacted sanitation of the hospital, according to hospital officials.

“Stable power will help our standards of service go from zero to 100 percent,” said Abdul Shayeq, public health director for the Ministry of Health in Farah.

On average the hospital treats more than 300 patients in a 24-hour period, of which approximately 100 come in during emergency hours.

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