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ISAF Condemns Taliban For Public Execution


KABUL, Afghanistan (July 8, 2012) — Gen John R. Allen, commander, International Security Assistance Force, joins the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission in condemning the Taliban’s public execution of a woman in Parwan province in the strongest possible terms.

“Let’s be clear, this wasn’t justice, this was murder, and an atrocity of unspeakable cruelty. The Taliban’s continued brutality toward innocent civilians, particularly women, must be condemned in the strongest terms. There has been too much progress made by too many brave Afghans, especially on the part of women, for this kind of criminal behavior to be tolerated. ISAF stands with the people of Afghanistan. ISAF stands with the women of this noble country. I am encouraged by the increasing number of people standing up to the oppression of the insurgency in various areas across Afghanistan. We are with you!” said Allen.

“I am also encouraged to hear that the provincial police are investigating the circumstances surrounding this atrocity. ISAF is ready to assist the ANSF in tracking down and holding accountable the perpetrators of this heinous act. I have every confidence justice will be done. ISAF remains committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with its ANSF partners to protect those who can’t protect themselves,” continued Allen.