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Joint Investigation Continues into Parwan Incident


KABUL, Afghanistan (Feb. 23, 2012) — A joint ISAF and Afghan investigation into events surrounding the mishandling of religious materials at Bagram Airbase continues. Witnesses to the incident are being interviewed, with a date for completion to be determined.

“Working together with the Afghan leadership is the only way for us to correct this major error and ensure that it never happens again,” said Gen. John R. Allen, Commander International Security Assistance Force.

 “I call on everyone throughout the country—ISAF members and Afghans—to exercise patience and restraint as we continue to gather the facts surrounding Monday night’s incident.”

The joint investigation team is comprised of members of the ISAF staff and representatives of the Afghan government.

** Corrected release:  Corrected quote "...Sunday night's..." to accurately reflect Monday.  Original quote was reflected inaccurately in the release.