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June 22: Afghan-ISAF Operations in Southern, Northern Afghanistan


ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan

For Immediate Release

KABUL, Afghanistan (June 22) - An Afghan-international security force detained the Taliban's recently appointed chief of finance for Baghlan Province, along with two other suspected insurgents, in Helmand Province last night.

The Taliban finance chief is also an improvised explosive device (IED) expert and former district commander of at least three insurgent cells near Mangal village in Baghlan Province.

After intelligence sources confirmed his location, a security force went to a compound near Tajdar-e Vali, Nahr-e Saraj district, and searched the area. Afghan forces used a loudspeaker to call for the finance chief to give himself up, and when there was no response the assault force entered the compound.
No shots were fired and the women and children present during the search were protected by the combined force.

This operation is another example of recent successes against Taliban networks in Baghlan Province. In late May, the joint force removed three successively appointed Taliban provincial shadow governors for the province. Mullah Ruhullah was killed along with his deputy on May 14. His replacement, Maulawi Jabbar, was killed along with two Taliban commanders on May 28. Three days later his replacement was detained by Afghan and coalition forces.

 A separate Afghan-international security force detained two suspected foreign fighters in Kandahar province while pursuing the Dand district Taliban military commander last night. The commander is linked to suicide attacks in Kandahar.

After a tip from an area resident, the combined security force went to a compound south of Bala Dehe Sufla, Kandahar district, and searched the area. After initial questioning on scene, the security force detained two Pakistani men.

No shots were fired and the women and children present during the search were protected by the combined force. Large numbers of foreign fighters remain interspersed in the ranks of the Taliban and Haqqani networks.

 An Afghan-international security force detained several suspected insurgents in Helmand Province yesterday while pursuing a senior Taliban commander who operates in the area.

The commander is an IED facilitator, Taliban fund raiser and is also suspected of involvement in suicide attacks. The security force detained the individuals while searching a compound in the Nawa Barak district.

 Afghan and international partners conducted an operation just north of Babaji in Helmand Province Sunday night. The intent of the operation was to disrupt a Taliban network which supplies explosives and other material used in the construction of roadside bombs.

After surrounding the compound housing the insurgents, Afghan Special Police (ASP) called for all residents to exit the compound. When several insurgents failed to follow directions from police and instead presented a deadly threat to the combined force, they were killed.

ASP ensured the remaining residents exited the compound safely. A number of women and children were protected and two men were taken into custody.
No civilians were injured during the operation.
"This was another in a serious of operations intended to reduce the threat of roadside bombs which have killed innocent Afghan civilians, as well as Afghan and ISAF partners. It also demonstrates the increasing capacity of the Afghan Special Police who, in partnership with ISAF, are successfully disrupting the insurgency in Helmand," said Lt. Col. Todd Vician, an ISAF Joint Command spokesman.

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