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Takhar District Taliban Leader Killed in Precision Air Strike


ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
For Immediate Release
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KABUL, Afghanistan (Oct. 7)
- Coalition forces conducted a precision airstrike and follow-on operation in Takhar Wednesday, killing Maulawi Jawadullah, the Taliban district leader for Yangi Qalah of Takhar, along with seven of his associates.

Maulawi Jawadullah was directly responsible for organizing and holding kidnapped Afghan National Police and Security Force members, while also endangering the Afghan people by conducting improvised explosive device and ambush operations in the northern part of the province. He is also linked to the recent deaths of at least 10 ANP during an attack on a police station in Kunduz.

The security force tracked the targeted individual among a group of insurgents to a remote area of neighboring Darquad district. After verifying insurgent activity and ensuring no civilians were present, coalition forces conducted a precision air strike on the group.

A follow-on Afghan and coalition ground force dispatched to the strike area to assess the results. Three insurgents hiding in a nearby wood line were killed after they threatened the security force.

The security force also confirmed five insurgents killed in the strike and found multiple automatic weapons and grenades at the scene. Initial reporting indicates no civilians were killed during the operation.