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UPDATE: Cross Border Attack Repelled By Air Weapons Team


ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
2010-09-CA-302 For Immediate Release
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Note: This release updates information provided in IJC news release 2010-09-CA-292

KABUL, Afghanistan (Sept. 27)
- An air weapons team engaged a significant number of insurgents following an attack on a remote Afghan National Security Force outpost in Khost province Saturday.

 ANSF Combat Outpost Narizah came under attack, receiving direct and indirect fire from the Pakistan side of the border. An air weapons team in the area observed the enemy fire and engaged the enemy in the border area under the right of self defense. The engagement resulted in more than 30 insurgents killed.

 After the engagement, additional ISAF helicopters arrived to conduct an aerial assessment and received small-arms fire again. The aircraft returned fire resulting in several additional insurgents killed.

 Initial reports indicate no civilians were injured or killed during the operation. At no time during the engagement did ground forces cross into Pakistan territory.