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Brigadier General Claudio Berto

Brigadier General Claudio Berto

Commander, ISAF Regional Command West




Italian Army Brigadier General Claudio Berto became the Commander of the ISAF Regional Command West on April 20, 2010.
His mission for this Regional command is to direct day-to-day operations of coalition forces across the four provinces of western Afghanistan while partnering with the Afghan security forces and institutions to help Afghans achieve a durable stability that will prevent terrorist and violent extremist groups from again taking root in the region.
Born in Turin in 1958, he graduated from the Italian Military Academy  in 1979. 
Brigadier General Berto’s first appointment as 1st Lieutenant was as Platoon Leader at the ‘Susa’ Battalion of the ‘Taurinense’ Mountain Brigade, at that time part of the AMF(L). He subsequently commanded the Battalion’s Heavy Mortars Coy. As a Captain he commanded – between 1985 and 1991 - a Mountain Infantry Coy and the Heavy Mortars Coy of the ‘Tolmezzo’ Battalion. As a Major, he served as the Chief G3 of the Mountain Troops Command.

In 1996-97 he served as the Commander of the ‘Susa’ Battalion and was took part into Operation Constant Guard in Bosnia-Herzegovina. His next appointment was at the Military Alpine School in Aosta, where he spent nearly five years as the Chief of Staff. From April to October 2002 he served as Deputy Chief Operations of the NATO HQ – KFOR  in Kosovo. In November 2002 he was appointed Commander of the 9th Mountain Troops Regiment, which he led in operation ‘Enduring Freedom’ in Afghanistan as the main body of Task Force ‘Nibbio’ deployed in Khost.

As a Colonel he also served as Chief Public Information Office of the Army General Staff in Rome, from May 2004 to December 2007. Brigadier General Berto is a graduate of the Infantry Officer Basic Course, the Italian Army War College and the University of Turin, where he read Strategic Sciences. He practices skiing, running and enjoys – when time allows - history books. 

Prior to assignment as Commander, ISAF Regional Command West, Brigadier General Berto served as the Commander of the ‘Taurinense’ Mountain Brigade – which he will lead again at the end of the tour in Afghanistan - and, prior to that, as the Commander of the Military Alpine School.