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On 31 December 2014, the ISAF mission ended. The NATO-led Resolute Support mission, the natural evolution of the ISAF mission, began January 1, 2015.  
This transition is more than a change of the mission name. It is the realization of 13 years of effort, culminating in an Afghan National Security Forces(ANSF) and Afghan Security Institution (ASI) organization and structure that is taking on the challenge of supporting and defending it's own nation.  
With the transition of NATO support from a combat role to a train, advise, and assist mission, the number and type of participating forces will change. ISAF numbers have significantly decreased as NATO Allies and Partners contributing to the new mission consolidate their efforts and physical presence into strategic locations and bases identified and detailed in the NATO Status of
Forces Agreement (SOFA) and Resolute Support plan. But even with a reduced presence, we are still here and supporting our Afghan allies.  
Resolute Support focuses Training, Advising and Assisting ASI/ANSF development,focusing on eight key areas, called "Essential Functions" or EFs.
They are:
EF 1: Multi-year Budgeting and Execution of Programs
EF 2: Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight (prevent corruption)
EF 3: Civilian Governance of the ASI (ANSF as servants of the people)
EF 4: Force Generation (recruit, train, and equip the force)
EF 5: Sustainment (supply and maintenance)
EF 6: Strategy and Policy Planning, Resourcing, and Execution (plan, resource campaigns)
EF 7: Intelligence
EF 8: Strategic Communication
These eight areas provide the framework and guidelines that will enable Afghanistan and it's security forces to sustain their efforts and guide Afghanistan into a brighter future.