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The NATO-led Resolute Support mission is the natural evolution of the ISAF mission and started on January 1, 2015.

This transition is more than a change of the mission name. It is the realization of 13 years of effort, culminating in an Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) organization and structure that is taking on the challenge of supporting and defending its own nation.

With the transition of NATO support from a combat role into a train, advice and assist mission (TAA), the number and type of participating forces have changed. Compared to ISAF, physical presence has significantly decreased on to the new mission of TAA according to the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and Resolute Support plan. But even with a reduced presence we are still there and supporting our Afghan partners.

Resolute Support focusses on Training, Advising and Assisting ANDSF development, focusing on several key areas. Among them are Civilian Governance of the ANDSF (as servants to the people), Force Generation, Sustainment, Strategy and Policy Planning, Resourcing and Execution, Intelligence and Strategic Communication.

The efforts taken by TAAC North within the mission Resolute Support are part of the broader engagement of the international community in Afghanistan to ensure that Afghanistan is never again a safe haven for terrorism.

Area of Responsibility

TAAC – North includes nine provinces: Badakhshan, Baghlan, Balkh, Faryab, Jowzjan, Kunduz, Samangan, Sar-e Pul and Takhar. The North region shares borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and China. TAAC-North has a population of 6.7 million people, spans an area of 162,151 sq. kilometers and has slightly the size of Tunisia.

Contributing Nations
NATO Nations:
Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Turkey, U.S.
Non-NATO Nations: Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Sweden

Major Units Assigned

TAAC North Headquarters

TAA Elements

• ANA Hybrid (209th Afghan National Army Corps)

• ABP (Afghan Border Police)

• AUP (Afghan Uniformed Police)

• ANCOP (Afghan National Civil Order Police)

• OCC-R (Operation Coordination Center Region North)

• RMIC (Regional Media Information Center)

Multinational Support Task Force

• Support Element

• Military Police Element

• Medical Element

• Field Hospital

• Logistic Element

• Force Protection Element

• Quick Reaction Force

Air Wing Resolute Support

Camp Security Element

Contact Information


TAAC-North HQ Public Affairs Office
Phone:  +93 (0) 79 952 041 4

*Information accurate as of April 11, 2015