Embedding with Afghan Forces

In addition to opportunities with Resolute Support, journalists may also seek to embed with Afghan National Army (ANA) units by applying for such opportunities through the Afghan Ministry of Defense. If you are interested in embedding with ANDSF, you should contact the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to initiate the embed process with Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. Both ministries have established procedures to process media visit requests. 


All media are required to register with the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as per the country's mass media law at its website. Please note that this process is separate from and in addition to RS credentialing.

*Please ensure that all paperwork with MoD and MoFA are completed and approved prior to arranging for travel to Afghanistan. In order to embed or interview with Afghan National Army or Afghan National Police Personnel you must have prior approval.  All paperwork must be ready and scheduled for pick up at either MoD or MoFA prior to arrival.  In some cases, MoD or MoFA may request your presence prior to issuing approval.


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