Media Registration Procedures

Resolute Support is committed to providing media with as many opportunities as possible to engage with our coalition service members in Afghanistan and report on our mission. 

When considering dates to embed, please forward the request to Resolute Support Headquarters as soon as possible. In your requests please share with us your focus area so we can can work with the associated units and help support your story.

Resolute Support Media Registration Procedures
Documents needed for first-time registration and renewal:
• Copy of your passport/national ID 
• Copy of your current press card 
• Letter of accreditation or intent to publish 
• Recent picture of you (within 1 year, passport style) 
• Copy of your Afghan journalist visa
• Proof of health insurance

Please ensure you have your government issued passport and media organization's press badge to present for entry onto military installations.

Attempts to access Resolute Support facilities without prior coordination with the relevant Public Affairs Office will result in denial of access by security personnel.
Please SEND ALL all required forms to the Resolute Support Media Embed Team at:

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